Engineering Led,
Value Driven
Nstep is an Australian technology consultancy that combines strategy and design to create innovative solutions for our customers.

We do this by integrating business analysis with engineering so you can thrive in today’s digital world.

Let's work together on your next product, app or project.

Who we are

We make collaboration
simple & seamless.

Nstep is on a mission to make working with technical partners feel simple and seamless.

We’re an Australian-owned and operated engineering consulting company that has been working with Australian companies both big and small for over 15 years.

With engineering talent both in Australia and Nearshore, we can work with you to build an efficient technical delivery team.

Our services

What we offer

Advice package
Design & Build

The right products are only possible when you understand the domain and its data. Our team helps businesses unlock value through strategic insight, creative design thinking & engineering excellence.

Squad package
Cloud Native 

Own a full squad that can integrate, or if  you choose, to have more of an outcome-based approach.

T&M package
Operational Agile & XP

We help enterprises revitalize software delivery and accelerate the pace at which new ideas are introduced by adopting Agile and XP practices.

T&M package
Domain Design, 
Data & AI

Unlock new sources of value through building data-driven products, platforms and culture. We combine applied machine learning solutions with human centered thinking to embed lasting differentiated capabilities in your organisation.

Our approach

how do we work

Evolving from a concept to a construct is an adventure, and it’s our role to guide you through this process:

Phase I
Get paired with a lead engineer

We’ll pair you with an Australian-based technical lead who acts as project manager, team lead, and your head engineer on the project.

Phase II
We build out your team

Your lead engineer will work with you to build out your engineering dream team. All the people you’ll need to make your project a reality.

Phase III
We work the way you work

We’ll act as an extension of your team. Whether you use agile, kanban, or waterfall methodology, your new team will fit in with your working style.

Phase IV
We stick around post-delivery

We’re in this for the long term and we are available for post-project support and maintenance or anything else.